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Top Tips for Visiting the Best Restaurants in Singapore

Top Tips for Visiting the Best Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore Shines Amongst Asia’s 50 Best restaurants. Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants launched in 2013 by the business media group who also publishes the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Over the years both lists have gained notoriety and respect in equal measure. No matter what you think, with the exception of Michelin, no other list has been as influential on the minds of serious foodies in the last decade or so. We decided to look at some Top Tips for Visiting the Best Restaurants in Singapore.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants covers 26 countries, divided into six voting regions. A group of 300 leaders from the restaurant industry in Asia take part. There is every reason for Singapore to stand proud with a total of nine entries in the top 50 restaurants in Asia for 2017. What is particularly notable is that Singapore’s entries cover a wide breadth of dining experiences from casual barbecue to fine dining in the truest sense.

Restaurant André (2)
Gradually making his way up the list is Chef André Chiang’s Restaurant André. Having debuted at Number 5 in 2013 André has been consistent in delivering world-class dining at his, now famous, Singapore restaurant. The setting is polished, professional and intimate. The food is divine; it’s only fault perhaps being that it’s too beautiful to eat.

Odette (9)
Spectacularly entering the list at number 9 (the highest new entry of all time), Chef Julien Royer has dazzled the pundits at his new restaurant in Singapore’s stunning National Gallery. A place for tourists and locals, the food in here competes with the art on the walls of the gallery for attention. A subdued and polished atmosphere make it a serious special occasion venue.

Burnt Ends (10)
Burnt Ends is by far the most casual offering amongst Singapore’s 50 Best listings. This modern Australian barbecue restaurant has been going great guns in Singapore since its opening, and now Burnt Ends enters the world stage. The snag is that it’s very hard to get a seat. If you can, make arrangements to secure the Chef’s Table. The booking is for a minimum of six people and there’s also a minimum spend. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that barbecue means all meat, Chef Dave Pynto and his team make brilliant barbecue dishes with veggies and fish too.

Les Amis (16)
Les Amis has been a consistent light on the fine dining scene in Singapore for years, constantly winning awards and dazzling diners. The French-inspired restaurant is formal, professional and consistently delivers some of the finest food in Singapore. Service is dazzling and the wine menu is extensive. This is one for the clients or bosses, and ideally when someone else is paying.

Waku Ghin (20)
Located in Singapore’s infamous Marina Bay Sands building Waku Ghin is the brainchild of Chef Tetsuya Wakuda whose Sydney restaurant earned him great accolades. The Singapore version is, unsurprisingly for its location, Asian in focus. The degustation only menu will set you back a pretty penny, but you’ll likely be dazzled by the exquisite flavour combinations and attention to detail.

Corner House (23)
As far as locations go Corner House wins the prize. The gorgeous setting in the Botanic Gardens, a former black and white home set amongst the lush greenery, is a beautiful space in which to enjoy a fine dining experience. The Asian inspired-French food is as beautifully presented as the surrounds in which you experience your meal.

Tipping Club (27)
The ‘coolest’ of the fine dining choices on the list, Tippling Club has edged up to number 27 on the list. The move to Tanjong Pagar has obviously done Tippling Club no harm and it’s definitely helped to elevate the ‘cool’ factor. The bar in itself is worth a visit, but if you can stretch to enjoy the degustation menu it’s well worth a try.

Jaan (42)
It’s always hard for a chef to fill the boots of a well awarded previous chef. Chef Kirk Westaway has done an admirable job of keeping Jaan in the list. And his food is as beautiful as the view to which you’re treated when you dine at Jaan.

Shinji by Kanesaka (44)
Last on Top Tips for Visiting the Best Restaurants in Singapore is Shinji. Singapore’s only pure Japanese entry on the list has gained a reputation as a ‘temple of sushi’. By many accounts Singapore’s only restaurant where you’re likely to experience the quality and feel of being in a Tokyo sushi restaurant.

No doubt there are those who feel some of these restaurants shouldn’t be on the list, and others who could vouch for different restaurants. Either way, Singapore can be proud to have nine entries in the top 50 restaurants in Asia. We hope you like Top Tips for Visiting the Best Restaurants in Singapore.


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