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Top Tips for Staying Fit in Singapore

Top Tips for Staying Fit in Singapore

If it’s one thing Singapore’s not short of, it’s options for staying fit. It might be hot but there’s something about the tropical environment and the increased free time (less family obligations, more home help) that mean staying fit is within most people’s reach. Adding to that is an extensive list of competitive events that are run in and around the island all year long. Read on for our top tips for staying fit in Singapore!

The key to keeping fit in Singapore though is to beat the heat. This can be a pretty difficult task when the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit) with humidity between 70% and 80%. And of course an average means that during the day it’s mostly above 31 degrees Celcius. Here are some popular options for you to think about.


Number one in our Top Tips for staying fit in Singapore would be swimming. If you live in a condo in Singapore, or you’re staying at a hotel then chances are there’ll be a pool for you to use. Most pools are a sensible lap length and are often not that busy. And most pools aren’t heated. That’s not to say you won’t get warm doing length after length of vigorous freestyle, but at least you know what you’re in for and you can jump in any time of day.

Popular public pools are located at the new National Stadium (OCBC) and Kallang. The OCBC pool is a fabulous training pool and temperatures are kept cooler.

Early Morning Running

Running before the sun comes up is definitely a good way to beat the heat in Singapore. The great thing is that, being near the equator, sunrise is pretty much the same time every day (7am) so you don’t need to alter your routine for the seasons. Beginning your run early can have you back inside before 7.30am when the sun really starts to beat down.


Maybe it’s the mandatory national service that Singaporeans are required to complete but there seems to be a fairly serious obsession with bootcamp in Singapore. There are a number of local and international organisations that run bootcamp classes. Popular bootcamp organisers are Momentum and UFIT and you can also find instructors independently or through a gym membership.


It could be something to do with middle aged men, or perhaps it’s the fact that you can actually ride around the entire island in four hours, but cycling is a huge sport in Singapore. It’s not hard to find a group to ride with, whether it’s through work, one of the clubs or another network, there will no doubt be willing partners to show you around the tracks.

And no fear if you’re an amateur. There’s a park connector network throughout the island so, depending where you live, you can avoid cars entirely.


One positive of Singapore’s landscape is that it’s very flat and perfect for walking. On the downside, you will perspire within five minutes if you’re walking at any pace. So if you’re planning to walk in your exercise gear along the river, or to get adventurous on one of Singapore’s brilliant walking tracks, then you’ll love it. But if you’re planning to walk to work in your office attire you might want to think again.


Next on our top tips for staying fit in Singapore would be Yoga. Singapore’s geographical position in South East Asia means that a lot of regional influences make an impact here. Yoga is a burgeoning health and wellness trend that has been wholeheartedly embraced on these fair shores. There are several popular studios including Yoga Movement, Pure and Hom Yoga. Most offer trial classes to give you a feel for the space and teachers. Make sure you find a studio that is reputable and easy to get to. There’s nothing worse than signing up and realising the location doesn’t work for your routine.


Even if you don’t have your own sea worthy vessel, you can hire kayaks and canoes at several locations around Singapore. And being surrounded by coastline and islands there’s no shortage of short or long trips you can take.

There’s no shortage of fitness options in Singapore, the only thing to do now is get out there and decide what you’d like to do. Hope you enjoy our top tips for staying fit in Singapore and let us know how it went.


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