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Top Tips for Job Interview Preparation

Top Tips for Job Interview Preparation

So you’ve been working hard, and you’ve now been offered a job interview -well done! Now that you’ve been asked to attend the meeting, what next? We’ve outlined some Top Tips for Job Interview Preparation to help you on your way to success. Preparing for the interview can be stressful, but with a few simple tips, you can be sure to do well. Careful preparation will help you do well along with reducing your nerves and increase your chances of success in getting the job.



Do your background work! Research as much background, historical and current information as possible about the company that you are going to interview with. In this day an age its easy to research a company online via their official website, twitter or just articles on Google.

When starting on research, start with their website as its likely to have the most information. Read up on the company annual reports and read about them in recent press articles. If at all possible then speak to people who either work at the company or know the company quite well. Things to know:

How big the company is
The key leaders at the company such as CEO/CFO
The products and/or services the company offers
The target market of the company
The culture at the company


Preparing for the interview questions

Another of our top tips for job interview preparation is making sure you identify your key strengths and mentally prepare examples of these strengths that you can talk about when questioned. Think of how in the interview you can demonstrate that you have the right skills to successfully carry out the job you are interviewing for. It’s likely that during the interview you will also be asked about your weaknesses so prepare a response for this but with a positive spin on it.

When asked about weaknesses then think of ways you can answer questions in a positive light. Try to answer with a weakness that isn’t related to the role you’ve applied for. Once again state you’re currently working to improve areas of weakness.

If during the interview the interviewer ever addresses a gap in your knowledge and skills then express your willingness to learn.


What should you wear?

What you decide to wear depends entirely on the type of job and company you are interviewing with. If you are unsure what to wear then it’s best to dress conservatively in a dark, smart suit. Always turn well groomed. Things to avoid:

-Dirty, stained or torn clothing
-Overpowering perfume or aftershave
-Noisy over the top jewelry
-Loud clothing that has big logos
-Sheer fabrics and low cut blouses
-Bringing large and bulky or numerous bags
-Anything else that’s going to distract

We hope you found our Top Tips for Job Interview Preparation useful. Good luck in the interview and let us know how it went!


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