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Top Tips for Getting Back to Nature in Singapore

Top Tips for Getting Back to Nature in Singapore

Most people think of Singapore as a high rise, concrete jungle. There’s so much more to the city than that though. Given that nowhere is much more than a half hour drive, it’s easy to get out and enjoy some of the sites that make Singapore the ‘City in a Garden’ that it’s famous for. We looked at some top tips for getting back to nature in Singapore.


First on the top tips for getting back to nature in Singapore list is Kranji. Kranji is home to a diverse selection of activities and sights. Many will know the name Kranji from the famous war memorial located here. The Kranji War Memorial is home to more than 4,400 gravestones neatly lined up along the gentle slopes of the wide open spaces. At the top of the slope is a giant wall bearing the names of 24,346 Allied soldiers killed in Southeast Asia who have no known grave. The serenity here evokes sombre feelings of respect for these fallen heroes.

Across the road from the Kranji War Memorial you’ll find an entirely different structure in the form of a grandstand for the Singapore Turf Club. This is where horse races in Singapore are run at different times of the year. There’s also a go-karting track if you want to get out and go crazy spinning some wheels!
The Singapore Zoo along with Night Safari and River Safari are also located near Kranji. The zoo is world renowned, so if you want to make the most of your time in the area, then a visit to one of the zoo attractions is a must.


Food near Kranji
If you’re taking a trip to the Kranji area, it’s worth knowing that there are several farms in the area. Many are open to the public and welcome people coming in to visit their businesses. You can find a full list of all the farms on the Kranji Countryside website. Worth a mention is Bollywood Veggies where you’ll find a dedicated restaurant as well as a lush farming area where you can walk amongst the greenery and feel a million miles away from downtown Singapore.


Nature Walks near Kranji
The Kranji Marshes have become a popular site for nature walkers in recent times. Singapore’s National Parks group now offer guided walks once each month that are free of charge. The ‘Evening Chorus at Kranji Marshes,’ is led by NParks volunteers and walks offered will take you through areas that are otherwise not open to the public.


Pasir Ris
Pasir Ris is located on the far east coast of Singapore, north of Changi. The area looks directly across to Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore’s popular islands for a day trip. The area has a fantastic network of bike and walking paths that follow the coast and connect up with other bike paths to take you to areas near and far.
If a picnic or barbecue is your kind of thing then you might like to book one of the many barbecue pits available for hire in Pasir Ris. This area is a lot quieter than the popular East Coast barbecue pits and there’s even a little shade from the palm trees.
Local tip: book barbecue pit number 38 – it has good shade and is in a good location near the car park 😉


Labrador Nature Reserve
Last on our top tips for getting back to nature in Singapore we flip over to the far-flung west side of Singapore to Labrador Nature Reserve offering a whole range of options to suit different tastes. The park itself is a lovely, green setting near the water. You’ll find an excellent restaurant at Tamarind Hill, it’s a Thai restaurant set in a gorgeous black and white house in the park.
One of the most popular events over the years has been the Training Shed at Labrador Park. This event came to an end in 2015 but in 2017 re branded as Sunday at the Shed. The event is run by Sideshow, check out their Facebook page for event listings. They also run a great pop up at Kult Cafe in town.

You won’t find many tourists in these areas, but you will find lots of folks looking to enjoy a good time and escape the hustle and bustle of city life, for a moment at least.

We hope you enjoyed top tips for getting back to nature in Singapore and let us know how your travels went.

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