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Top Tips for Day Trips from Singapore

Top Tips for Day Trips from Singapore

An island Singapore may be but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape Singapore if you want to. Singapore’s unique location, within only a few kilometers of Malaysia and Indonesia, means we’re ideally located to explore the area on these easy day trips. We decided to look at a few top tips for day trips from Singapore.


Take a Spa Day on Batam Island

Batam, an Indonesian island, is only a 45 minute ferry ride away. How easy is that? There are loads of activities to keep you busy on a Batam day trip but highly recommended is a terrific spa called Tempat Senang. Once you arrive at the Sekupang ferry terminal the team from Tempat will whisk you away to their little piece of paradise. You’ll find everything you need for a day of pampering and relaxation. You can choose from half day or full day spa packages, and if the mood takes you then stay overnight in one of the beautifully themed suites.


Sail to the Islands

Singapore is literally surrounded by islands. One way to get your bearings of the coast and the islands around it is to hire a yacht for the day. Whether it’s a family day out or a group of friends looking to party, there are boats to suit all your day trip needs. Crew can be hired so all you need to do is sit back and relax. You can cater yourselves or opt for a fully catered experience where all you need to focus on is spotting dolphins jumping in the sea around you.


Golf on Bintan Island

As far as sports go in Asia they don’t get much more popular than golf. Whilst it’s a hot business there are plenty of ways to keep cool as you make your way around 18 holes. The courses on Bintan, or Batam for that matter, are situated on the coast allowing for good views with welcome breezes making them perfect for day trips.


Bintan offers several public courses that are suitable for anyone from beginners to pros. Buggies can be hired and they’ll be stocked with all the cold refreshments you need for a round. Clubs have shower facilities and some even have spas for a well deserved massage after your game.


Cycling through Pulau Ubin

An activity suitable for families, newbies and visitors to Singapore is a day trip over to Pulau Ubin. Pulau Ubin is a great top tips for day trips from Singapore and Pulau means, ‘granite island’ in Malay. Many islands in the area are prefixed with pulau because of the abandoned granite quarries. Pulau Ubin is only a 10 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Make your way to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and just wait for the next ‘bumboat’ to depart (they depart when there’s 12 people ready to travel). These boats are, let’s just say, on the rustic side but they are a welcome change to the slick city that you’re leaving behind.


Once you arrive make your way from the jetty to a bicycle hire shop and rent yourself a bike for a few hours. Whilst you can walk or drive, the most efficient and fun way to get around is definitely on the bikes. You can choose longer or shorter routes, some of the highlights are the Chek Jawa wetlands walk, the lookout tower and of course sitting down to a delicious meal at one of the seafood restaurants.


One tip though, beware of the monkeys! They’ll have no hesitation in grabbing bottles of drink, coconuts or any other food from your person or your bike.


A Day on Sentosa

No list of top tips for day trips from Singapore list would be complete without mentioning Sentosa. So technically Sentosa is part of Singapore, not to mention that it’s joined by a bridge, but still, it makes for a lovely day trip. The best way to get to Sentosa is via the Singapore Cable Car from Faber Peak. From there you travel down towards Harbourfront and then over the water to Sentosa. You’ll get 360 degree aerial views for the entire journey. Arrival on Sentosa is into the main hub and from there you can make your way to other parts of the island. One super fun way to get down to Siloso Beach is to take the Skyline Luge. Kids and adults will love this fast paced trip down the hill and the opportunity to race your friends or family!


Once you’re down at Siloso Beach you can stop in for a drink or bite to eat in one of the many bars, or take the free bus further along to Tanjong Beach.


Don’t think for a minute that if you’re in Singapore you’ll end up struck down with island fever. There are plenty of places to explore and these five ideas are just a few suggestions to get you in the mood for exploring in and around this great city-state. Hope you enjoyed our Top tips for Day Trips from Singapore and let us know how your adventures went!


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